By Daisy Saldivar

5 Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for the Compassionate Pisces: Unique Presents to Delight and Appreciate the Spirit of a Water Sign!

5 of the Best Gifts for Pisces

Is your Pisces friend as hard to read as their star chart? Are you struggling to find a gift they'll love? Never fear! We've compiled a one-stop guide to ensure your shopping success. So put down that gift card to Starbucks (no offense) and take a look at our top picks!


A basket of bath and body products

Filled with luxurious spa-like items, this thoughtful gift pack will help them relax and unwind. Choose items that represent the deep and mysterious energy of Pisces—rich, scented oils and balms revived by heavenly essential oils, like lavender, rose, or citrus to power their senses. Include natural ingredients to nurture their spiritual side and add products like aromatic mists or meditation candles they can use while they soak in the tub. Pisces will be delighted by this thoughtful and relaxing gesture. Never underestimate how healing an indulgent restorative ritual can be!


A new houseplant

Pisces are the ultimate romantics, so why not add a little romance to their home with a low maintenance houseplant that can keep giving without needing too much looking after? Give Pisces something living in their space that won’t need tending. Lucky for them, an air plant is the perfect choice! These fascinating little plants don’t need soil and thrive on nothing more than a few hours of dappled sunlight and an occasional misting of water. Their beauty, uniqueness, and resilience will bring days worth of amusement for dreamy Pisces people.


A set of paints or art supplies

Pisces have a passion for the creative process and enjoy exploring the world of art with its vivid colors and imaginative expression. A set of paints or art supplies from the local craft store is an ideal gift for these intuitive soul searchers - and you don't need to be rolling in cash to afford it! With plenty of choices, such as watercolor, oil, or acrylic paints, Pisces can let their imagination roam as they create inspiring pieces of art. A set of brush sizes and quality canvases will give them tools they need to start creating masterpieces. These artistic endeavors can provide a therapeutic outlet to express themselves, while exploring their potential artistic talents in the process.


A ticket to a concert or play

Music and theater are like candy for Pisces! Treat your Pisces friend to a night of unadulterated delight with a ticket to their favorite concert or play. Recommended performances vary, depending on the musical and theatrical tastes of the individual Pisces. But one thing is certain: they will be delighted by whatever performance you choose! Just seeing those stars in their eyes when they realize you have presented them with the perfect night out will make it worth every penny!


A cozy blanket

For the sensitive and compassionate Pisces, there is nothing more gift-worthy than a cozy blanket. Piscean individuals often require a quiet escape from the chaos of the world and what better way to do that than snuggling up with a warm and inviting throw? When feeling overwhelmed or worn down, your cozy gift will ensure comfort and security with its warmth and luxurious fibers that encourage relaxation. This gift of comfort is welcomed by any Pisces person in their time of need.


Honorable mention: a PopBox from Make It Mine

These custom and hand-made surprise cards will surely be a hit with your Pisces friend! They are great gifts on their own or as an extra 'pop' of excitement to one of the gift ideas above! Choose up to 8 of your favorite photos together, plus a cute or funny message, and all that's left for you to do is hand it to your recipient and enjoy their reaction as the photo boxes and confetti pop out!


If you know a Pisces who deserves a little extra love this year, any one of these gifts is sure to make them smile. And if you're still not sure what to get that special someone in your life, remember that at the end of the day, Pisces just want to feel loved and appreciated!