Welcome Billo Creators!

This is a pre-launch landing page so please forgive the really ugly page!

About this product: Our Pet Portraits are a modern cartoon portrait of your best friends. We can do up to 3 animals per portrait so please keep that in mind before uploading your images.

How to order:

1. Decide how many pets you want in your portrait (Max is 3)

2. Upload image(s) of your pets 

NOTE: If all your pets are in the same photo you only need to upload one image. You can also choose to upload separate images for each pet. Whatever is easier for you! 

Image guidelines: 

- Pet(s) facing camera at eye level

- Good lighting (little to no shadows)

- Face and neck are clearly visible

If you upload an image that we cannot create a portrait with, we will reach out for another image.

3. Add the name(s) of your pet(s) 

Remember this will be printed on the top of the portrait, if you don't want a name just write no name in the text box!

4. Click the red add to cart button and check out!

The standard size we are shipping out for the demo units is 18x24 and the frame color will be either black or white.

Thank you again for choosing to work with us on this project, we really appreciate you!!!!

Use the button below to upload your images

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