5 Ways To Get Lucky in Love

All is not lost when it comes to love. There are ways of increasing your chances of finding it.  The trick is to open yourself up to the possibility of experiencing it. You should welcome all the joys and pains that come with it because it will only make your love stronger.


  1. Change Your Routine

Doing the same thing day in and day out limits your scope of experience. Try doing something new or going someplace you’ve never been. Shake things up a bit by doing something unexpected and out of character. Take a trip and broaden your horizons. You’ll never know who you’ll meet along the way.

  1.  Confidence Conquers

Confidence makes a person look more attractive. Knowing that you look good makes you feel great about yourself. And that draws other people towards you. Because you have a healthy sense of self-worth, people will want to get to know you more and discover what that winning quality is in you.

  1. Tune in to your Intuition

When it comes to meeting new people, you can be swayed by first impressions. Most everyone is on their best behavior when they are interested in someone they just met. What you can do is take a step back from the person and disengage for a bit. This will allow you to listen to what your gut instinctively tells you about him. And it’s usually right!

  1. Single?  Be ready to mingle

You seriously need to put yourself out there and get into some face to face interaction with other people. Meet new people. Don’t isolate yourself. Get into activities that will allow you to widen your social circle. Go out for drinks after work. Enroll in a new class. Or you (or a friend who is also single) can host a small gathering and ask your guests to bring a single friend.

  1. Go with the Flaws

Nobody is perfect. Agreed, we all have standards when it comes to the person we want to date. But just because he doesn’t make the cut during your first meeting doesn’t mean you should disregard him completely. Give the person a chance. Get to know him better. Find out what he’s truly like. Some obvious character flaws are non-negotiable, of course. But remember true love means accepting someone for who they are, warts and all.

You know what they say, love comes when you least expect it. But there’s nothing to lose if you point it towards your direction right? It all may seem like a lot of hard work, but what true love isn’t?


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